The EODMC Colors

The EODMC Colors were designed to have significant meaning in all aspects of the patch, so the choice of the Maltese cross was made for a variety of reasons. The Maltese cross has a history and meaning that is consistent with the EOD Community. It was first used by the Knights of St. John of Jersusalem (AKA Knights Hospitallers) on the Island of Malta where the Cross got its name. The Knights Templar also used the Maltese, but with different colors. The eight points of the Cross each had a specific meaning:

1. live in Truth

2. have Faith

3. be Respectful

4. give proof of Humility

5. love Justice

6. be Merciful

7. be Sincere and whole-hearted

8. Endure persecution

The Knights wore the Maltese during the Crusades where they battled Muslims. It is no coincidence that we have chosen this symbol for our Colors during a time when we are in a war against radical Islamic Muslim terrorists. The Cross was also used by other militaries such as the Prussians and the Germans who used the “Iron Cross” as an award for Valor and Courage. After WWII, it gained popularity within the motorcycle community and can be seen on decals, pins, patches, leathers, motorcycle accessories and clothing. It is the combination of military and motorcycle community use of the Maltese Cross that made it a perfect choice to be used on the EODMC Colors. The Old English letters symbolize the Celtic/Anglo origins of the Knights who first used the Maltese Cross. The Master EOD badge in the center of the Maltese Cross is a true representation of the U.S. Military badge in use today. The meaning of the EOD badge should be known by all EOD Techs and can be found in the next web page “The EOD Badge”. The Silver and Black colors used for our patch were chosen to be consistent with the colors of the EOD Badge. The Silver (or Pewter) symbolizes the metal or strength that we have in standing up for truth and the right path. The Black symbolizes our mourning for the fallen EOD Technicians.