Woah, slow down, this unique Brotherhood requires a process.

We conduct fundraising events that provide support for organizations or individuals within the EOD community in their time of need. Being a Member of the EODMC requires participation and adherence to the Biker Code. The EODMC is a strong Brotherhood.

There is a Prospect period for training before you earn your Colors. Prospects will receive information on the EODMC, our mission, the Motorcycle Club community, and our responsibilities within that community. Prospects will meet our requirements established by Club documents through the close supervision and guidance of a Sponsor.

Note: As a traditional Motorcycle Club, You must own & ride either an American or British Cruiser Style motorcycle.

Also the EODMC does not accept Law Enforcement.

For those who qualify and desire membership with the EODMC, we welcome you. Just fill out the form on this page and a member will contact you to verify your registration.