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We are a Military/Vet traditional MC who’s Membership is restricted to EOD qualified bikers.

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EODMC: About Us

EODMC is made up of present and former US military members who graduated from the U.S. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal school in Red Stone Arsenal Al, Indianhead MD or Eglin AFB Fl.

EODMC does not accept Law Enforcement.

The EODMC is NOT an affiliation or an association and has NO support Clubs or RC's. Please see the Club Info page in the Main Menu on the left.

Also in the Club Information pages is information on the meaning of the EODMC Colors & the EOD Badge. Membership information is described there as well.

EODMC contributes our energy, time and resources in an effort to maintain and enhance the Motorcycle Community brotherhood. Our primary task and obligation is to back up our brothers, honor the EOD legacy and support our Club and the EOD Community.

The EODMC treats all Clubs and riders with RESPECT.

The EODMC is banded together by those traits and principles that is a result of our common EOD bond and a love for being in the wind.

You must own & ride either an American or British Cruiser Style motorcycle.

We respect all Motorcycle clubs and view their members as brothers in the wind.

We are a Military/Vet traditional MC who’s Membership is restricted to EOD qualified bikers.

This website was designed to:

Provide the public with information about who we are;

Provide the EOD community with information related to EODMC Membership requirements;

Provide the public with a forum to discuss topics related to motorcycles and the Motorcycle Club community;

Provide EODMC Members and Prospects with a secure forum to discuss Club business.

Provide a Club store where the public and Members can purchase support gear.

EOD Memorial



The EODMC Memorial Run 2009 has been a huge success.

Thanks to all who donated their time &/or money for this effort.

We raised and presented to the EOD Memorial Committee three thousand five hundred dollars.

The EODMC Members who rode in this Run will not soon forget it.
We have made new friends, met with other MC's, visited Clubhouses, received a warm welcome at the Outpost and most of all were humbled and honored to escort the families of the EOD fallen to the Memorial Ceremony.

Many EOD Techs at the Memorial service, the EOD Auction, the EOD Ball and at the school house have seen that the EODMC rides with Respect and Honor. We received many compliments and astonished looks. Many approached us for Prospecting information and we expect that as word circulates that the EODMC is a strong MC, following the traditions of Military/Veteran MC's around the country, we will continue to see a surge in our numbers.

A huge Bravo Zulu & a job well done goes out to Flatliner, Liz, Hound Dog, GunnrMike and all of our Members who worked hard for the success of this run.

EODMC President


EOD Badge

The Wreath
Symbolic of the achievements and laurels gained minimizing accident potentials through the ingenuity and devotion to duty of its members. It is in memory of those EOD officers and men who gave their lives while performing EOD duties.

The Bomb
Copied from the design of the World War II Bomb Disposal Badge, the bomb represents the historic and major objective of the EOD attack, the unexploded bomb. The three fins represent the major areas of nuclear, conventional and chemical/biological interest.

Lightning Bolts
Symbolize the potential destructive power of the bomb and the courage and professionalism of EOD personnel in their endeavors to reduce hazards as well as to render explosive ordnance harmless.

The Shield
Represents the EOD mission - to prevent a detonation and protect the surrounding area and property to the utmost.

The Star

In the middle of the bomb represents a Technician who has attained Senior EOD competency.

In the middle of the badge, coupled with the miniature wreath and star at the top of the badge represent an EOD Technician who has attained Master EOD competency.